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Know who you are
You’re doing well. You’ve cleared your head of all the things holding you back, all the things
stopping you from moving forward. We’ve released our guilt, learned from our past and let go of
it, and we’ve cleared our lives to give us room to think and grow. The next step is vital: you need
to know who you are.
Now that might seem like a strange statement – of course we know who we are! We have
certificates and bank cards and legal documents telling us so. But it’s not as strange as it may
seem: so many of us are too busy just living and trying to get through our day to day lives that we
can forget who we really are. I know who I am – do you?
To really know who we are we need to unpack our identities; we need to look at all the parts of
ourselves that make us unique. We are all unique, but sometimes we forget that fact.
I’ll help you along here and tell you a little about myself – I was born in 1979
and I’ve lived in
Australia all my life. That doesn’t tell me who I am though; there are over 22 million people
Australia. No, who I am comes from something else; it comes from the things I’ve experienced
and the people I’ve affected. I speak to tens of thousands of people every year and through my
speeches and seminars I’ve helped them to bounce forward in their life. I am Sam Cawthorn. I am
a father, a husband and I am a motivator. That is who I am.