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Learn from the past
and move on to the future
We are all defined by our past – but sometimes we get trapped there. Like guilt, holding onto the
past can prevent us from moving on. What we need to do is forget the past;
after all the past has passed!
Now, you might be wondering why I want you to forget the past? Surely it’s important to us
because it lets us know where we’ve come from. You might be thinking, “We need to remember
so we can learn from our history.”
You’re absolutely right; we do need to learn from our history. We need to learn the lessons from
our mistakes and from our successes and then we need to put that past away.
I can remember talking to a forty-five year old woman at one of my seminars and do you know
what she told me? She hadn’t spoken to her sister in fifteen years. Fifteen years!
Of course I asked her, “Why not?”
Her reply was that they’d had a fight. Now, my last tip should have been enough to deal with that;
if she had forgiven her sister sooner then they could have kept in contact for the last decade –
but she hadn’t. So I wanted to know what had been so terrible that she couldn’t forgive her sister.
Do you know what she said? She said, “Oh, I don’t know. I don’t remember.” Now I was
shocked! This woman had kept the memory of a fight with her for fifteen years without learning
from it. She’d lost her sister for all that time because she couldn’t learn from the past, let go of it
and move on.