Page 25 - 111 Tips to Help You Bounce Forward

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Guilt only serves to remind you about what you’ve done
wrong – it doesn’t help you to focus on what you’ve done
right. Release it so that you can move on. If you have to tell
somebody what you did in order for them to forgive you then
tell them. You may have been afraid to do it in the past; you
may have been concerned that they would hate you or think
less of you. You might even have been frightened that they
would refuse to forgive you but if you apologise, and if you
mean it when you apologise, then they will forgive you. That
person might be hurt when they learn that you haven’t been
open with them, but they will forgive you and given time
they will grow to love you for your honesty. We can’t Bounce
Forward until we free ourselves, so be free – release your guilt.
So here is the