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Let go of your guilt
So we’ve cleared our heads, gotten rid of the clutter in our lives and the things that distract us –
that’s great. It’s a good first step, but there’s still more that we need to let
go of. The biggest of these is guilt – now all of us have things in our lives that we feel
guilty about. We’ve all made mistakes. They might be anything at all; people we feel
we’ve cheated or things that we regret doing, and we tend to bottle up all those feelings. We
hold on to it and we keep it inside to remind us never to do that thing again – but
we don’t have to.
It doesn’t help us to hold on to our guilt; when we’re stuck in a mindset where we feel penitent for
the things that we did wrong, or for offences that we have committed it becomes impossible for
us to move on in our lives. We fixate on our guilt and it stops
us from learning, stops us from dreaming and having a purpose and a destiny.
Instead of keeping all these bad feelings pent up we need to be truthful in our life. We need to be
open with ourselves and with others. I hate living a life of guilt or a life of non-truthfulness or a life of
lies. Being open allows us to let go of the guilt that we hold and
we can let go of it. It is a conscious decision to let go of it. So let’s take it out of our system. Let’s
wash it completely out of our minds, out of our hearts, let’s release our
guilt because I can guarantee you that the moment that you do that will be the moment when
your dreams will start to inspire you.