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Create a vacuum
In order to move forwards we need to have space to breathe. We need to have clear
surroundings so we can think and so we can plan. You can’t hope to move forwards in life if
you are trapped by all the things around you, so the first thing we need to do is to empty our
surroundings; get rid of all the distractions that are holding us back.
Right now your life is full of clutter and we need to change that. Think about when you’re
vacuuming the lounge and you’re tidying up your home – you’re doing it because it’s dirty and
it’s messy. By tidying it, by cleaning it and vacuuming it, you are making the house usable again.
You’re doing it because you don’t have the space you need in order to use the room effectively –
the same is true of your life; when you have to spend time on all the unnecessary things in your
life it consumes brain power. It consumes thoughts. So create a vacuum in your life.
Vacuum out those things that have a hold on you; the clutter and the dead weight. Clear out all
the aspects of your life that you don’t need. Create a vacuum and I can tell you something: once
you’ve organised things, once you’ve created this vacuum, once your life and your mind are
clean and they’re organised you’ll feel so much clearer. You’ll have so much more room to think
about where you want to be heading and what you want to
do because you won’t have so many things going on that distract you.