Page 20 - 111 Tips to Help You Bounce Forward

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Out with the past, in with the future
You’re still reading, so that’s a good sign. It means that you really are dedicated to moving forward
in your life. Before we can go any further we need to ensure that we have room to progress.
We need to make sure that we have cleared away all the disruptions that have stopped us from
achieving in the past and we need to know where we want to go.
That’s what this whole section is about; it’s about preparing yourself. A lot of the time when
people suffer setbacks we tell them that it’s okay – try hard and you can bounce back – but
we don’t prepare them or help them to move forwards. We let people stay really cluttered with
excess baggage and we don’t realise that they can’t recover because they are just too blocked
in. Now this might be a physical blockage if your house is full of old junk and you can’t move at all
but it can be a mental blockage too. We need to find somewhere that gives us room to expand,
a place that’s clear from clutter and mess.
We need a place where we can ground ourselves, regain our footing and ready ourselves so that
when we choose to move forward we’ll be able to do so.