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, not back
We have all heard the catch phrase ‘bouncing back’. You might even have used it this week if
you’ve spoken to friends and family about wanting to start making progress in
your life again. Maybe you weren’t talking about yourself and instead you were discussing how
someone in your team at work has bounced back after a disappointment. I believe that bouncing
back focuses on what was, or has already been and so you’re just bouncing back to that same
position. But if you want sustainable practices and future thinking, you need to understand that
bouncing forward focuses on what can become. The potential and power of bouncing forward is
much greater than bouncing back.
That’s why the idea of bouncing forward is such a key concept in the Bounce Theory. A bounce
is inherently powerful and if you direct that bounce so you use it to move forward... well there’s no
limit to where you can go!
Think about it like this; if someone has wronged you in the past and it has knocked you back
then you’re probably still holding a grudge against them for that. You haven’t forgiven them and
you’re thinking negatively about this person – if you bounce back
from that then it won’t change anything. You’ll just end up back where you began. We need to
do something different. We need to be forward thinking, not backward thinking…