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What is the Bounce Theory?
My philosophy in life is that we sometimes need help to move forward, and that’s exactly what
this book is designed to give. Many inspirational and self-help books work around the principal of
“bouncing back” so that after you’ve suffered a knock-back, after you’ve had a bad thing happen
to you, they look to cushion your fall and to give you a way to bounce back. I hate that. I can’t
see why you would want to bounce
at all –
if you do that then you just end up right back
where you started. I would much rather keep moving onwards and upwards to greater things –
hence my motto: I want you to Bounce Forward in Life!
There are just two key principles to Bounce Theory; the first is that we want to Bounce Forward,
not back. The other is that we are capable of consciously controlling our lives
and our situations. If we decide to achieve something then nothing in the world can
prevent us from reaching that significant point.
Since 2006 I’ve worked to develop the Bounce Theory and now I teach it to tens of thousands of
people every year, helping them to move forward in their lives and to take control of their destiny.
As you are reading this book you’re now in a position where you
can benefit from the Bounce Theory yourself. Over the rest of this book I’ll describe tips
to help you do this. These tips are all ideas that I use in my everyday life. They’re the
same tips that I use myself. That’s something I want to say straight from the start because
I believe in being totally honest; I don’t want to sell you a story about how these tips will
help you unless I know from my own personal experience that these tips really do work.