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This is a new service we are developing designed especially for individual scholars and professionals and for their organizations for the stand alone publication of short form peer-reviewed off-prints or pre-prints -- also for association, chapter or branch proceedings and reports.

The printed short-subject (16 to 96 pages) monograph remains unrivaled for its elegance and permanence. It provides prestigious presence and expresses your esteem for your colleagues and other associates. Offprints taken from already-published works can be reissued with additional introductory content, bibliographies, and with author information that enhances what was already a valuable publication.

The preprint or reprint short subject is an increasingly valuable option for scholars and professionals, given the explosion of publication requirements in the scholarly and academic world, the increasingly limited access to publication for authors, and the trend towards "born digital" publication without print versions.

It was reported at the 2009 annual meeting of the Association of American Publishers that in 2008 1,300,000 peer-reviewed papers had been published out of 2,700,000 articles submitted. Library Journal reports that there are just over 21,000 active refereed serial journals, and over 43,000 more broadly classified active academic/scholarly serials. Google says there are 50,000 refereed journals worldwide.

More importantly, these 2,700,000 articles represented the disciplined outcome of research and analysis that are the expression of the life's work of their authors. While they reach limited and targeted audiences, among them are theses that are central to an author's career and worthy of preservation both in print and digitally in their own distinctive and credible formats.

For scholarly and professional organizations there are papers, reports and proceedings that also hold high value as expressions of their mission.

Worthy Shorts is developing a special library of templates, publication and bibliographic features that will satisfy the standards and expectations of the academic market for qualities of publication. At the same time it will provide these outcomes using the economies of production, publication and distribution that characterize the short form services demonstrated on this web site.

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