There has long been a need for an affordable and elegant venue for work to be published in print and, more recently, online by people and organizations who want to create a book of their art and their writings.

The Art Times Collection (ATC) will provide such a venue with a national and international publication service. The experience of publishing in print since 1984 and more recently online of a highly respected and admired resource for the fine and performing arts allows us help creative people make their work available to a large audience.

New high quality laser print on demand technologies in black and white and color, electronic reading devices and internet distribution have created a global marketplace and social network within which an audience of one can be reached as efficiently as thousands.

In order to bring the benefits of these advances to you, we have partnered with some of the most experienced publishing, production, internet and printing resources in the industry to create a customized publication service with sensibilities and features intended specifically for the needs of fine artists and writers.

The Art Times Collections (ATC) are fully published books, most from 16 to 96 pages, that you create and we produce in a beautiful design that you choose.

We also provide eBook editions and social networking tools. The Art Times Collections (ATC) books are for sale at Amazon, Barnes and Noble Online, as well as other retailers. The distribution package includes an ISBN identifier (unless you prefer to stay private) and meta data dissemination (title search information). It will appear in Books in Print and other major cataloguers. Your title will also be available in Google Book Search, on, and in our online general catalogue.

The Private Press is a password protected page we give you on which the catalog of your own works appear for browsing or sale, and to which you can invite your personal friends and family or professional associates. There you can access your eBook downloads, create links to other sites and resources you choose, and participate in social networks with tools we provide.

Next Steps. Browse the rest of the Art Times Collection (ATC) site, look at our Design Gallery and General Bookshop and when you are ready to create a book click to our Terms of Use and pricing policy documents to learn about costs, registering, and getting started in launching your new title.

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