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Rhyme and Reason
By Daan Zwick
20pp 5x8

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ISBN 9781935340492

The author, a retired Eastman Kodak research scientist, describes these poems a collection "that I have written, now and then, during the past seven decades. Several originated during the first of those units, the efforts of a teenager to express feelings he could not say. Many of them have been written during the past ten years, as I participated in a class called "Poetic Visions" in the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

"The punned haiku were inspired almost thirty years ago when I read Crosbie's Book of Punned Haiku, a small book by John Crosbie, defining the traditional 5-7-5 syllable, three-line format of haiku, with the additional requirements that the verse contain a pun and that the first and third lines rhyme. That challenge has been fun, and rewarding."

Design template: This cover design is in the Poetry genre and Whimsical mood. It uses a simulated fabric background. A number of different background color choices are offered in the template gallery. The Banshee freestyle display face and Jenson Pro serif body type by Adobe Systems set the design mood. Worthy Shorts explores in its template designs the use of fonts not ordinarily offered by publishers.

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