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Welcome to My World: Seascapes, Wildlife, Landscapes - Paintings by Mike Walsh, Part 2
By Mike Walsh
32pp 8x10

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ISBN 9781935340355

In this collection, a Long Island, NY graphic designer presents 38 paintings in three sections, depicting Seascapes, Wildlife and Birds, and Landscapes.

Referring to his work, Mike Walsh writes, "I consider myself a painter of "representational" realism. To me, this means each painting is rendered to capture a scene purely by composition, form, color and detail. I hope the viewer senses the same sentiment I felt in creating the work."

This is volume 2 of a 2 volume series. In Volume 1 Walsh presents a selection of fourteen oils depicting night lights and street scenes in New York City. He also reproduces a large World War II 36" x 72" painting and shows its step by step development with supporting sketches.

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