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A Dog Named Oney
By David Weber
48pp 5x8

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ISBN 9781935340041

In this collection of 22 distinctive and expressive poems, David Weber, artist and composer, shares his reflections and the powerful imagery of a long life and lasting love, still lively, tender and turbulent. He poses the big questions as "In a Blasphemous, Megalomaniacal Extrapolation,"when he asks, "Is time God's spray aimed at the Devil/ Which he managed to avert, but drenched/ Humanity instead?" He also addresses from many angles the richness and complexities of marriage when he challenges in the title poem, "Go on, give up the hound./The bark of my lust/ Stands on all fours./Don't look away,/News underfoot is for mud and pups./I'm the man who sings through his pores." A World War II veteran, Weber notes that, "It was only after retirement in 1987 as a teacher of fine art that the urge to crystallize aspects of giving in verbal language dawned and, I hope, blossomed."

Design template: The cover design is in the Poetry genre and Modern mood using a simulated fabric background with a "three-piece-cover" effect created by the color that runs with the spine. A number of background color choices are offered. The design uses a drop out box and subtle cross bars of color to create its contemporary effect. Optima Std, a contemporary face is used both for display and text, setting the tone for the template used for this book.